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Alma Righi’s women

Unique creations inspired by tradition, quality workmanship and the finest materials, for women who adore the classic touch, with an eye for the finest details..

These are the women who look to the stylists at Alma Righi for solutions, women always on the lookout for originality, who appreciate the quality of our collections, snug and comfy, and of course ever the height of fashion.

Alongside our traditional ranges, here at Alma Righi we also dress generously-sized women who are looking for a product that will show them off at their best, enhancing their femininity without any artifice, and embracing their lovely curves.

It is a popular range, known on the market as ALMA RIGHI PLUS.

"We aim to dress the ever-youthful lady who values her femininity, bringing out her beauty in comfy, exclusive garments featuring simple yet refined details, which tell a unique and exclusive story about the wearer. We believe that the ladies who wear Alma Righi’s creations want to be fashionable without ever going over the top or becoming clichéd."

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