Alma Righi


Alma Righi is a historic brand in the women’s fashion world.
For over thirty years, here at Alma Righi we have been designing, creating and manufacturing fine- and medium-gauge women's knitwear in regular and plus sizes.

Alma Righi is located in the northern Italian city of Carpi, an area with a history of knitwear production, which has built up an undisputed and enviable worldwide reputation for quality.

At a time when many companies are leaving Italy to go and manufacture in Eastern Europe, Alma Righi and owners Guerzon s.a.s (by Guerzoni Paolo e Barbara) have chosen to continue producing right here at home.

"By working in Italy, and in the Carpi area in particular, we get all the benefit of the expertise and production skills of local craftsmen and women who specialize in making quality products, using the finest production methods, selections of materials, cuts and wearability."

Alma Righi reflects all the quality and reliability of Italian design.